Robin Henderson

Front-End Web Developer

Robin Henderson

Hi, I'm Robin! I'm a Front-End Web Developer, currently based in London. I was brought up on a healthy mix of Tony Hawk Pro Skater and The Matrix, and when I'm not coding I can be found making music.


I'm currently working at Spork Digital as a UX/UI developer, CMS builder and React learner.

I'm the front end of spiderdisco, making software and web-apps for developers.

I also volunteer for AbilityNet, empowering the disabled and elderly with technology, providing support, advice, and mentoring to those in need of a little help. I'm trying to do my part to help build a more accessible digital world by being a friendly guide through the world of tech.

I'm not currently looking for work, but you can contact me if you'd like to see my portfolio.

You can catch me mostly using:

  • JavaScript / React / jQuery
  • Craft CMS / WordPress
  • PHP / Twig
  • Gulp / Grunt / Webpack
  • Git / TFS
  • Basic C# / ASP.NET / SQL
  • Clean, semantic HTML and CSS / SCSS

I'm most passionate about:

  • Accessible, inclusive design
  • Clean, simple code
  • Unobtrusive infrastructures and CMSs
  • Some occasional crazy CSS art & glitch design